Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: The Killer Treatment For Your Persistent Herpes Problem

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is natural herpes treatment to wipe out herpes permanently by overcoming herpes simplex from the root cause, created by a former herpes sufferer (Melanie Addington), released on October 2013 and has cured many HSV 1 and HSV 2 sufferers around the world

A girl, former herpes sufferrer, revealed : “How I felt woken up from nightmare when both my IgG and IgM test came back negative…”

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Author : Melanie Addington

Reviewed by : ForBodyFit.com


The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is method that is proven to terminate of herpes once for all. It will not only help you hide the painful symptoms of herpes but also targeting at the root cause of your persistent herpes problem. It’s aimed to both oral herpes and genital herpes. This natural home remedies backed up by scientific studies. So this natural treatment is the best treatment to free yourself from herpes.


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Are you suffering from herpes? And still struggling to get rid this disease?

You probably already know the bad news that herpes can’t be cured and you will have it for the rest of your life, and wait for recurrent that will occur about 3-4 times per year, year after year.

But many sufferers believe that there are treatments out there that work effectively in dealing with herpes. Treatment that is not only hide the symptoms, but was able to exterminate the herpes forever.

Here I will review “The Ultimate Herpes Protocol” ebook program. I’m not going to cheat on you by saying that I had been cured of herpes because applying the method in it, not at all. Since I am not a sufferer of herpes, either HSV 1 or 2. Likewise with my relatives or friends.

But I have studied the content in the ebook and analyzed it from several sources.

What makes this method so special is its ability in addressing the attack to the root cause of herpes, that is herpes virus hiding place, to wipe out herpes in your body once for all.

Let’s start with the following little story.

Revealed : How a girl with herpes ultimately free herself of herpes within several days

Revealed : How a girl with herpes ultimately free herself of herpes within several days

The day a girl was invited by her doctor for the announcement of the result of medical test. A few days before he went to the doctor for a disease that was bothering her. She has difficulty to concentrate on her work, because some sores on her butt. Their constant chafing against her underwear drove her insane.She walked to the door with a bit of pounding. A little anxiety tease her. She collected a few existing courage, then ventured to face the verdict of the doctor.And how shocked she was to hear the doctor said:


The world seemed to have stopped spinning. Pitch black. Herpes sounded like a life sentence. How would she deal with it? Live the rest of her life as solitary confinement. She felt suicidal.

She just realized when the doctor said, “All we can do is control your outbreaks”. Then the doctor gave acyclovir.

A few days later her sores disappeared. But some hair also started to fall out.

What amazing. How using this 12-minute treatment make me felt woken up from nightmare when both my IgG and IgM test came back negative.

When she asked the doctor, she has been being confirmed acyclovir can cause heavy hair loss as its side effect. She switched to Valtrex. But again he felt uncomfortable. Her stomatch violently rebelled, caused she couldn’t focus on her work.

After months of suffering, she finally gave up.

She gathered all her courage to come clean to her father that is an Britain’s medical mavericks about her embarrassing condition. He is her only hope …

She asked his help for treatment to wipe out her herpes completely, not only hide the sign.

After going through research and some experience, her father gave treatments. Some of them have been used since Roman times.

How amazing. Her sores stopped itching just hours into the protocol. She was amazed how they healed after a few days. And even more remarkable, her both PCR and IgG blood test came back negative.

Let’s break for a moment to find out how some folks completely cured of herpes on testimonials below

ultimate herpes protocol

So, what the heck is the treatmeant ? And how it works

Gladly Melanie Addington, the girl’s name, shares the treatment with you. She named this treatment method as “The Ultimate Herpes Protocol”.

This treatment works by attacking the herpes through three angles at the same time. They are:

Three angles treatment of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

1st Angle

Strengthening your immune system

2nd Angle

Dissolving the virus protective protein coat

3rd Angle

Stop the virus from making copies itself

Recovery period after treatment

Super charging your healing process


Let me explain how this method works is as follow :

1. Strengthening your immune system

Poor immune system is one of the main causes of outbreaks.

The immune system of the body is God’s blessing to us to fight viral and bacterial infections. But our immune system is often weakened by diet and poor lifestyle, so its resistance is not in optimal state to attack the virus that make the virus easily grown.

This first angle describes some things you should do:

  • Changing lifestyles, i.e. getting away from smoking, adequate sleep, exercise, avoid stress etc..
  • Diet, avoid foods that weaken your immune system, eating the foods that boost your immune system.
  • Detoxification of toxins from your body

2. Dissolving the virus protective protein coat

The second of the three treatments is playing a main blow to eradicate herpes virus from your body completely, which sets it apart from treatments out there. This step uses a specific formula that you can make yourself with the step by step guidance.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol treatment achieve its goals in several ways as follows :


1. Targeting the attack at root cause of herpes, that is the hiding place of the virus. The root cause of herpes are:

Oral herpes (HSV 1) :

Location : trigeminal ganglion

trigeminal ganglion

Source : classes.midlandstech.edu

Genital Herpes (HSV 2)

Location : sacral ganglion

sacral ganglion herpes

Source: lucianoschiazza.it

2. This e-book give you guidance on when to do what.

You should adhere to the use of this treatment dosage and procedure. Here is a graphic of how many dosage that you use for 60 days.chart_herpes_protocol-


The beginning of this treatment is adaptation stage of your body along with the development of your immune system to be ready.

The chart also shows that day 18 is usually the peak dosage at which the peak of battle the herpes virus, this treatment and your immune system. And from day 33 (approximately one month), the dossage start to be constant that indicates herpes virus in your body will has been perished and destroyed. But you have to continue until the last day to make sure you are completely cured of herpes.

3. At the molecular level, the second angle’s formula in this home remedies program consists of several substances that are effective both in stopping the growth of herpes virus and holds the power to dissolve the protective protein coat of the herpes virus while leaving healthy human cells unharmed completely.


Whereas another substance has ability to damage the lipid envelope and protein shell of the virus.

Thus, the cell nuclei of herpes virus unprotected and helpless, such as newborns and be easily attacked and destroyed by the immune system of your body that has been reinforced with the first treatment.




3. Stop the virus from making copies itself

When there are factors that trigger the herpes virus, the virus is able to multiply rapidly.

A study by The University of Washington, a single HSV-2 virus can spread to thousands of cells less than 12 hours.

There is a building blocks of food that herpes use to reproduce itself. Therefore, you should avoid these food sources.

Super charging your healing process

This last step is complementary to restore your condition after an illness.

Although this as a complement, but you should do this step. Because this step is also often suggested by other treatments. In addition, many studies have concluded this last stage is also effective in controlling herpes.

Why you should use treatments in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

This protocol has some advantage as follow:

1. Treatment method that is attacking the root cause of herpes virus, the hiding place of the virus.

This ability to hide in nerve system cause herpes virus can’t be eradicated. Through this procedure give a chance for herpes sufferer to wipe out herpes from their body permanently.


2. This protocol uses natural ingredients and no side effect.




3. Easy to follow and understand.

This protocol lets you know when to do what. You will have step-by-step guidance about what you should do for 60 days. So, you don’t need to guess what you should do.


4. Has 100% money back guarantee system.

Melanie guarantee this product works 100% with money back guarantee. But, there are certain cases in which this product doesn’t work well. So, she protect you with iron clad guarantee. Melanie take the risk herself. So, you have not any risk.


5. Has cured more than 7500 people when the product was launched in October 2013.

Before launched, it has cured more than 7500 folks.



6. Has many Facebook like

The official site has more than 35,000 Facebook like. Many surveys revealed brand’s Facebook like means there are 32% – 58% of the number that have purchased the product. Besides, there are some people have purchased the product who don’t press the like button. You can estimate how many folks have used this product.


7. Fast delivery and none of shipping charge (download delivery system)

Thisl is downloadable product. So, you will not be charged for shipping.

You can download it for several minutes, need not to wait the shipping for days. You can start to apply this method once have it in your hands.


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