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What if you were told that food you think is healthy in the refrigerator and your cupboard are very probably unhealthy and tends to encourage your body to store fat? And did you know that you do NOT need to calculate how many calories in and calories out to start the journey to lose weight?

 And the more unique , there are several sources fats that can accelerate your metabolism, burn fat, and drive out your belly fat.

Surely foods in our dining table, groceries in our kitchen, refrigerator and cupboard often have a lack of quality in terms of health when compared to theirs several decades ago. It can be seen from the increasing number of people suffering from diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, etc. And even worse, “diseases of the elderly” are now increasingly suffered by young people.

Though almost all foods, particularly processed foods, which are stored in our refrigerator labeled as “healthy food” and pass the certification which should bring mankind to a better level of health.

These inspired a young boy, Nick Pineault, to learn the latest research articles that reveal the truth about healthy food and which are not. Thousands of research articles and health books he studied relentlessly for more than 7 years led to his friends call him as “nutrition nerd”.

In his hunting, he found a surprising fact that a numerous of foods we consume daily was a lot of dangerous, led to obesity, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and they were not revealed to the public or perhaps deliberately covered up. And further he focused his attention on obesity and how method is effective to lose weight. This is because the fat accumulated in the middle of body could be the beginning of other serious diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Here are some important points obtained Nick Pineault in his hunting that he compile in his e-book product, The Truth about Fat Burning Foods:  


  • There are many harmful substances in “healthy foods” that are not listed on the label by the manufacturers

For example: trans-fat content (the most harmful fats for your body) in vegetable oil on the label is smaller than actual content even claimed zero trans-fat. Though trans-fat may increase the risk of heart disease and promote accumulation of visceral fat.


  • There are any fake food products on the market

Example: in 2010, a report from the Customer Report revealed that 20% of all the olive oil outstanding in U.S. is fake and has been mixed with vegetable oil, while they claim 100% pure.


  • Ability of weight loss supplements versus  nutrition-exercise

If you think a weight loss supplement is the best solution, then surely right whole foods and proper exercise contribute greater than in the fat burning supplements. Even supplements can’t fix and work well on a bad diet.


  • There are ingredients that can naturally boost your metabolism and burn fats in your belly.

Example: pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed beef containing CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)-a type of saturated fats which is a fat burner-plus many essential nutrients to encourage metabolism and accelerate your fat burning.


  • Calories in and calories out versus fat burning foods

You need not worry about calories in and calories out to lose weight. Because what more important is how your body responds to and metabolize these foods.

There are high calorie food but increase the rate of metabolism (such as CLA and omega-3) ​​and there are foods that are low in calories but make the body store fat and blocking the body’s ability to burn fats such as artificial sweetener (aspartam, saccharin, acesulfame-k, sucralose).

manage ingredients in your kitchen

  • You can transform fat-storing-foods to fat-burning-foods from your pantry’s management

You can start up boost your metabolism less than 24 hours by replacing the groceries in your kitchen from fat-storing-foods into fat-burning-foods and automatically repair damaged metabolism and force your body to burn fats.

Female avoiding burger

  • There are foodstuffs that you should avoid to successfully burn fats

There are foodstuffs that tend to make your body store fat, block your body’s ability to burn fats or make your cravings. These kind of Foodstuffs is what you should avoid, and you should replace them with fat burning foods so that your efforts to lose weight successfully.

  • And many more.

main-bundleIntroduction of The Truth about Fat Burning Foods

If you think that this program is a program of diet, as it is generally a lot of other weight loss program that emphasizes on restriction of calories in and calories out and burning fats with exercise program, then you are in fact wrong. As recognized by Nick Pineault frankly, that this is not a diet program that requires you to curb your appetite, calculate calories in and calories out, and often make you boring.

This program is not a system that denotes a promotional program of weight loss pill products . You may ask, “So how is it possible without diet, exercise regimen or a weight-loss pill, I can lose weight, get rid of belly fat and lose fat?” Learn more. With the concept of fat burning foods, you do not need to count calories in and out to lose weight. But you just need to consistently consume foods that can activate the body’s ability to burn fats, accelerate metabolism and avoid eating that can block your body in burning fat.

Nick Pineault’s The Truth about Fat Burning Foods Overview

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Who Ones Can Use The Truth about Fat Burning Foods e-Book?

Although this program is specifically intended as a fat loss program, but actually you will get benefit overall health-care quality improvement by following this program. Because The Truth about Fat Burning Foods also reveal the correct way to recognize and avoid the “healthy foods” that are not healthy and can increase bad cholesterol, accelerate aging, etc.

And more of it, Nick provide a healthy alternative meal replacement and also delicious. He also gives some of delicious recipes.

Despite the social and economic status, you can take and learn program, because it costs you very cheap, just $ 27 and you will get very much advantage with the system.


Pros – What Advantage I Get If I Use The Truth about Fat Burning Foods?

1. By using this program, you do not need to follow a strict diet and complicated, do not need to prepare food that is bland, boring and tasteless, and do not need to buy expensive organic foodstuffs.

2. You can reduce and even exterminate your stomach fat, visceral fat, which is almost impossible to be eliminated, to get the body shape you desire.

3. Although the program is specifically intended to help you eliminate your belly fat, lose weight and get in shape, but also help you improve the quality of healthcare generally. By following this program consistently, you can repair damaged metabolism, normalize blood cholesterol levels, prevent premature aging, prevent you from diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

4. The Truth about Fat Burning Foods program provides customer support that is very responsive to your questions and complaints. The customer support team that is dedicated and friendly with you will always be ready to help you with answers and best solutions in less than 24 hours.

5. You do not have any risk, because this weight loss program provides 60 day refund if you are not satisfied with what is in it, without any questions.

6. The author, Nick Pineault, will always update the informations you need to know and you will be told how to obtain update information easily.

7. The Truth about Fat Burning Foods program is designed, layouted and organized attractively, artistically so it’s easy to understand . The approach used is very simple, so “short and sweet” and not excessive, so it’s so easy to make some of the changes immediately and grow from there.

8. It is clear and specific because explains the reasoning behind why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods –understanding why you’re doing something allows you to really get behind it.

9. The Truth about Fat Burning Foods provides guidance to you easy steps SWAP foods that sabotage your body’s ability to burn fat to fat burning foods.

10. The data that is given supported reference source and Nick always includes many reference at the end of every e-book.

11. Although it is prohibiting sources of unhealthy foods and fat-storing, Nick also provide alternatives meal replacement that is tasty, healthy and burn fats. Even Nick also provide some of delicious recipes, free of charge for you.

12. Giving tricks on how to perform tests to identify if your groceries is genuine or fake, healthy or not. In addition, Nick also provides the right solution for you by telling how to get original groceries and solutions if can’t afford it.

13. Uncovering myths wrong and give a true solution on healthy foods and fat burning.


Honestly, not many negative side of this e-book product, but I find them as follows:

1. Some things in The Truth about Fat Burning Foods quite controversial and contrary to what most of we commonly understand it.

2. The background of the author, not a nutritionist or health expert, will make people doubt his capability and also what in his article is.

About Nick Pineault – The Author

nick pineaultAs he admitted himself, Nick Pineault is not exactly a nutritionist or any certified in nutrition or health.

Nick is Bachelor- Degree in Communications. In the course of his life, Nick instead got obsessed with finding the truth about how we should eat for optimal health and get slimmer waists.

He has spent  the last 7+ years relentlessly researching, reading articles, and analyzing studies to master his knowledge on nutrition and the unique power of fat burning foods. Therefore, people call him “The Nutrition Nerd”.

With his ability on graphic design, video editing and communication, then Nick presents his knowledge in nutrition and fat burning foods with very attractive, artistic and easy to understand.

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