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Liliana lost 22 pounds and feel energized, more focused, strong, confident and sexy

Before : January 2012 was 180ish…. (I’m 5’2”). This was last year in Mexico. I was very frustated, with lots of pains, out of shape, well, (round shape anyways), weak, low self-esteem, low energy, low vitamin D, stressed, bloated, got sick very often.

liliana moir testimonial

After : March 2013, after having followed Nick’s advice and working out. I feel energized, more focused, my pains decreased, have lost 22 pounds, feel strong, confident and sexy. Need to mention that I had blood tests done in April and they came out great. My cholesterol is normal (and I eat eggs almost every day), my vitamin D is in check, my vitamins B are perfect, my hormones balanced, my bones are good (and I stopped drinking milk). I am healthier than never before. Yes, that is me doing pushups in the picture below.

Liliana Moir, Calgary


Doctor Approved

“Nick has created what I think should be the handbook on nutrition. Every doctor should give a copy of The truth about Fat Burning Foods to their patients as a guideline of how to eat, shop, and dine.”

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, Author of The Hypothyroid Diet


The only book I need before I go grocery shopping

Nick’s book, The Truth about Fat Burning Foods, makes healthy eating simple. I like it because it is clear and specific. I also like that Nick explains the reasoning behind why you should and shouldn’t eat certain foods – understanding why I’m doing something allows me to really get behind it.

The book is also a great resource to go back to when I have a question, or before I go grocery shopping. I highly recommend the book, not only for people who want to be healthier, but also for those who want to learn more about nutrition and what we are putting into our bodies.

Carry B., Miami, Florida


“Understand what took me decades to learn in seconds”

Whether you’re looking to actually burn fat, or simply want to eat healthier, with a comprehensive understanding of exactly what that means, you would save yourself months or even years of research, and have everything you need to know right at your fingertips by simply investing in this product.

I’ve studied health for decades now, and everything in Nick’s material is absolutely consistent with what took me those decades to learn. Not only that, but the layout is extremely well organized, visually appealing and easy to read.

If  your healh is important to you, and it should be, I implore you to invest The Truth about Fat Burning Foods. I haven’t run across much in the “health industry” that gives a complete picture, more often you find yourself with multiple books and websites opened up, and you spend hours trying to put the pieces together. Nick has made doing this completely archaic. Everything you need to know is right here, right now.

Bill White, editor of HealthSecretsDaily.com


“This is the real deal”

Jason Phillips testimonila


Having been around the industry for over a decade, I can tell you that this is the real deal. So many people will benefit from this product.

Jason Phillips, Physical Transformation Expert, jasonphillipsfitness.com


Even personal trainers should grab their copy

As a personal trainer, it’s imperative for me to have reliable nutritional information to refer my clients to. Unfortunately in today’s society, nutrition advice has completely left the bounds of common sense, it’s beyond over complicated and frustrating, not to mention most of the time “ the experts” are just plain incorrect.

When I first downloaded Nick’s first book, I actually laughed because of his the very simplistic approach he decided to take. It was really as if he designed the book for a child, which I wasn’t insulted by in the slightest because let’s face it, are quite short. I found it to be a great starter for just about anyone because it’s so “short and sweet,” it’s easy to make some of the changes immediately and grow from there. Simply put, it’s not overwhelming.

Bethany James testimonials

These books have dead on information, and they’re very user friendly. That makes them perfect for just the individual, but it’s also a phenomenal resource and reference opportunity for those in the health and fitness industry. It can be very challenging for me to find a resource for my clients that I trust implicitly, but thankfully Nick has become one of those source.

Bethany James, Personal trainer in San Jose, CA


Medical student tells it all:

“Nothing like the other e-books which often make unsupported claims about what’s best for your health.”

Brianna Matswell testimonials

Nick Pineault’s e-books “ The Truth About Fat Burning Foods” are a superb source of information for those who want to improve their nutritional intake and lead a well-educated healthy lifestyle. Unlike other e-books, which often make unsupported claims about what’s best for your health, “The Truth about Fat Burning Foods” contains suggestions based on evidence from studies. This series of e-books bring together well-researched facts into a format that is interesting, comprehensible, and attractive.

Brianna Hatswell, Medical student.


“Perfect for anyone looking to loose those few extra kilos or even just beginning their journeys…”

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods helped me look at a variety of foods rather than the same boring meals repeated day in and day out. You have done well in creating easy to follow instructions.

This book is perfect for anyone planning to lose those few extra kilos or even just beginning their journeys. My mother tried some of these concepts over the weeks and found them nutritious and delicious!

Australian like me (surrounded by pub culture) tend to forget about our food choices and make bad decisions using taste as a guide rather than health. This book combines the two!

Toni Beddie


The link in your fat loss nutrition that’s been missing for far too long

You have provided the link that’s been missing in this industry for far too long: a concise, comprehensive, easy-to-understand, all-encompassing nutritional guide pertaining to what those of us who are concerned with optimizing our health, performance and physical appearance should be eating – and why we should be eating it.

Craig Leonard testimonials

I find your common sense approach of exposing the fraudulent claims of food manufacturers who are padding their pockets at the expense of our health to be informative and refreshing. This is not your typical book regarding the fat burning benefits of a few select foods. You cover the entire nutritional spectrum, leaving no stone unturned.

Proper nutrition is the narrow gate that all who want to develop their ideal physique must travel  through. You’ve just busted the gate wide open.

Craig Leonard, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


“If you want less fat and to live healthier The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a must read”

Nick has put together an absolute encyclopedia of nutrition. I’ve been studying nutrition for 15 years and this is the most well put together resource I’ve come across yet.

James Gaida testimonial

A meticulously researched collection that is presented in a very easy to read and entertaining format. Nick includes everything from simple to follow action steps, helpful substitution tips, plenty of myth busting and even a recipe for a healthy chocolate cake…. seriously!

If you want less fat and to live healthier The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is a must read.

James Gaida, Fat Loss Expert and Owner of GO Nutrition & Fitness


The Truth About Fat Burning Foods makes fat loss nutrition look like child’s play

Marshall Lowy testi

I really love how simple you make eveything. It makes fat loss nutrition look like child’s play.

Marshall Lowy, USAW Performance Coach



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