Myths about Fat Burning Foods Revealed by Nick Pineault



There are many incorrect myths about fat burning foods, which is revealed by Nick Pineault in his weight-loss program, The Truth about Fat Burning Foods. Some of them are as follows:


1. Consuming Red meat will make you become fat and contain a lot of cholesterol.

conjugated-linoleic-acid-grass-fedGrass-fed beef contains a lot of omega-3 (fat burning fats), vitamins A and E, many conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a natural fat burner, fewer calories and fat. So grass-fed beef contains many essential nutrients that can speed up your fat burning and increase your metabolic rate.

ADVICE : you can consume the right red meat


2. Foods labeled healthy by food companies is definitely a healthy food.  


Food companies often hide the content of unhealthy and fattening foods from the label. This is supported by the FDA policy-as one example-that allows manufacturers to label to any foods that contain less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving as free “trans-fats”. And many more FDA policies that favor food companies rather than the interests of consumers

ADVICE: STOP Trusting foods labels entirely.

3. Eating foods that contain saturated fats will make you fat and worsening health.



The truth is saturated fat is good for your health, REDUCES your risk of heart disease and can help get rid of your belly fat. It is based on a lot of research lately, among of them published on Ann Intern Med. 2005 Mar 15;142(6):403-11.

ADVICE : STOP avoiding saturated fats


4. Consuming theoretically healthy foods are certainly healthful

olive oil

Not always eat healthy foods would help maintain your health. This is because now a lot of fake products on the market. In 2010, Consumer Reports revealed that 20% of the olive oil on the market is fake and has been mixed with other vegetable oils, but still claimed as pure olive oil.

ADVICE : STOP using fake ”health” foods, you can recognize them by a simple test.

5. Vegetable oil in your kitchen is healthy


Actually, your vegetable oil is made from corn, soybean or canola containing up to 4.6% trans-fat that’s not on the label (study by the University of Florida at Gainesville). This is because vegetable oil produced through 5 extreme process which makes the healthy fats contained within it besides being damaged, also turning them into dangerous trans fat and fattening.

Solution: USE coconut oil and olive oil (low temperature)

6. Orange Orange juice is good for breakfast in the morning


Orange juice contains 3 times more sugar, less enzymes, vitamins and fiber than orange fruit itself. To drink orange juice will increase your blood sugar in the morning and will slow down your fat-loss throughout the day.

ADVICE : please consume the fruit orange, not orange juice. Drink coffee with one tablespoon in morning is more advisable than orange fruit.

7. All red meat is fat burning food


Not all red meat is fat burning food. Only grass-fed beef that you should consume. And be careful not to use the “grain-finished” beef.

Grass-fed beef contain 2 to 4 times more omega-3 (essential fatty acids), 4 times more vitamin A and E, a lot more conjugated linoleic acid/CLA (a natural fat burner), and less fat and calories per pound than regular grain-fed beef that you often buy at the supermarket.

ADVICE : use only grass-fed beef or in case you have difficulty get it, only choose lean cuts.

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