What inside “The Truth about Fat Burning Foods” e-book

what inside the truth about fat burning foods

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Overall this packages program consists of 7 e-books with more than 250 pages. Here I will bring you to take a peek at what in each e-book is.

Perhaps you are wondering, “Among all the packages, which should I read first?”

I suggest you quickly reading in the following order sequentially, making it easier for you to understand. Then you repeat again to learn them one by one with a deeper.

1. 4-Steps Diet Makeover

The e-book cover Table of content
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 Details :

1. Consists of 41 pages
2. Providing examples and techniques of how to change the habit of using fat storing food ingredients into fat burning gradually, so that eventually your diet changes permanently and supports your fat loss program automatically

 2. The Truth About Protein, Fat, & Carbs 

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Table of Contents

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Details :

1. This e-book contains 108 pages, 4 chapters and 38 subtopics.
2. Revealing many misguided fundamental things in understanding about protein, fat, carbohydrates and sweeteners, as well as what is more important to understand.

For example: instead of recommending the glycemic index use –according to his though that it’s not reliable way- in making carbs choices, Nick suggests you focusing on eating natural, unprocessed carbs, not processed carbs.

3. Uncover macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and sweeteners that you should avoid and what you should consume from them, there are any reason behind those all.

3. The Truth about Condiments, Snacks and Seasonings

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Details :

1. This e-book consists of 32 pages divided into 3 topics and 12 subtopics and ended with instructions of actions steps and reference sources.
2. This very important part gives very useful recommendations about condiments and seasonings that besides giving a nice taste in your food also accelerate your metabolism and activate your fat-burning potential.
3. Also uncover snacks that can reduce your hunger and cravings and make you burn fat faster, even when you eat them before bed.

4. The Truth About Drinks

The e-book cover Table of content
 truth-drinks Truth-About-Drinks-Table-of-Content

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Details :

1. It contains 19 pages consisting of one chapter and 8 subtopics as well as suggested action steps and reference sources.
2. Elaborating on “healthy” drinks that you should avoid because it tends to stop your fat loss and make your cravings. As well as how to substitute them for fat-burning drinks. For example, you can:

- Replace sports drinks with coconut water
– Replace orange juice with black coffee

5. The Truth about Superfoods

The e-book cover Table of content
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Details :

1. There are 12 pages
2. Uncover all scam about superfoods that you should avoid, and superfoods that are rarely used but accelerate your fat-burning. And how to do makeover to help burn your body’s fat.

6. The Truth about Supplement

The e-book cover Table of content
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 Details :

1. Consists of 30 pages, 3 chapters and subtopics 9.
2. Starting with the biggest myths about supplements, and how to determine the criteria for the reliable supplements
3. In outline, Nick split supplements into 2 recommended categories based on your priority and importance:

Essentials: probiotics, multivitamins, omega-3, protein powder, vitamins C and D. Supplements in this category are supplements that you can make priority and use year after year, whatever your destination
Advanced: digestive enzymes, BCAAs and fat burners. Supplements in this category is for people who are serious and are used to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

4. In any discussion of each supplement, Nick always describes: the reason why you need these supplements (their benefits in supporting metabolism and poor lifestyle that makes you need these supplements), the criteria for selecting the correct supplements, food sources that can replace the supplements and supplements that are recommended, how many supplements you take, the reason why you should be careful in choosing a particular supplement.

 7. The Truth about Your Grocery Cart

The e-book cover Table of content
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Details :

1. There are 31 pages, consists of three subtopics
2. It’s a guide in making healthy choices and fat burning foods
3. It also can be your guideance book for shoppping around foods you should buy. This e-book presents  comparison of the types of foods and give you recommended brand list based on correct and make sense criteria, as well as how to get lower price with the same quality.

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Full of references

Note: don’t worry, almost all revealed by Nick Pineault in each his e-books based on the latest research.

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page of references


The Truth about Fat Burning Foods by Nick Pineault is an all-in-one package of programs which discuss all about getting rid of body fat by avoiding foods that tend to make you fat stroring, cravings and unhealthy. Also about the foods that are recommended for consumption because they speed up your metabolism, shed your body fat naturally and automatically. And most importantly, make your body more healthy and energized.

Almost all the recommendations, arguments, facts stated by Nick Pineault based on the latest research references.

Many things in the e-book packages is controversial. But I think so many of them are scientific and reasonable. If you don’t agree with most of them, I think there are still many of them that can be used as guidelines of your lifestyle.

In the end, your success depends on your efforts to comply with the instructions and what recommended in the program are.
The concept of fat burning foods is not a scam, but how do you choose the right kinds of foods from the right source.

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