The Truth About Fat Burning Foods – Introduction


How to lose weight without dieting

Fat burning foods are foods that can burn fat, lose weight naturally and work by accelerating metabolism. Fat burning foods can also suppress appetite.

In other words, fat burning foods is to let the food does its job for you in order to burn off the fat.

fat_burning_foodsHi, there.

Do you still hard struggle to get rid of your stubborn belly fat and lose more your weight ?

There are variety of diet, exercise and weight loss supplement pills have you tried, but all them do not give results as you desire. You even getting confused by the many diet programs with differences of calorie counting manner. Until today, you still have a lot of fat in the abdomen and everywhere in your body.

You feel all the weight loss programs only work for other people, not for you. You may feel as if live in the curse that it is difficult to dispel. Yeah, there is something (genetic, environmental, food, weather, or what was the name) that seems to give you a curse that you have been struggling hard to get rid it, the name is stubborn belly fat and stubborn fats around the body. The good news is that you are not alone. Actually there are many people out there whose the same fate with you. Losing weight seems like fighting to repel the curse.
magic_of_fat_burnerAnd you might think to find a “magic wand” to get rid of it. Surely there is no magic product for it, friend. All you need really is the right method to lose weight, get rid of belly fat and finally get in shape.

Why does my diet fail?

Let us consider a glance why you fail with your diet.

Losing weight is not just counting calories in and out.

Many diet-exercise program base their nutrition programs on calories in and calories out, as taught in the conventional diet programs. Worse yet, a diet that is too strict can make you go into “starvation mode”, change the hormonal system, and eventually damage your metabolic system. At that moment the rule of calories in and calories out to be not applicable.

As the body’s defenses, you run slower metabolism, and your body will store the calories you enter (eat) as body fat, rather than burn the existing calories. At that moment happens diet plateau, where the body no longer losing fat even if you eat less calories and instead tend to gain weight. Hormonally, your metabolism begins to be damaged, which hormones are involved in the metabolism and burning fat do not give  common respond to the food that enters the body.

This is the moment in which the dieter often discouraged. And when you get back on a normal diet, you tend to gain weight than before.

In addition, if you eat foods that are not healthy, make you craving and tend to storing fat, then your efforts to burn fat will be wasted.

Why are my weight loss pills not work effectively?

Many people consider weight loss supplement pills as a “magic wand” that can make  them easily burn off fat from their body. The reality is not like that.

Supplements can not fix bad diet. Even supplements are only able to increase a fraction of your fat burning ability. And the rest, mainly, your fat burning could be obtained from nutrition so-called “fat burning foods” and do strength training along with enough sleep. For example, eating tomatoes have a greater effect than taking lycopene (an antioxidant in tomatoes) from supplement in the same amount.

What are the “fat burning foods”?

Fat burning foods are foods that can burn fat, lose weight naturally and work by accelerating metabolism. Fat burning foods can also suppress appetite.

In other words, fat burning foods is to let the food does its job for you in order to burn off the fat. It is different from concept of the diet-exercise where you have to actively struggle to burn fat.

What about the right method for me to succeed in fat burning foods program?

In fact, many foods can burn fat. But there are some basic things you need to consider if you are interested in losing weight is based on the concept of fat-burning-foods.

1. Foods that speed up metabolism

There are some foods that can help you to burn fat by speeding up metabolism, such as red meat, salmon, olive oil, VCO (virgin coconut oil), egg, etc..

2. Foods that tends to encourage the body to store fat

These types of foods you should avoid because it can slow down metabolism, block body’s ability to burn fat and sabotage your efforts in burning body fat. Some of them: regular soda, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat, margarine, corn syrup, refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, etc.

3. Foods that make you craving

There are some foods that make you have a strong desire to consume certain foods, and this state is called craving. Craving is different from ordinary hunger. Craving is often associated with addiction to certain foods that have high sugar glucose and fat, especially chocolate. People who suffer from craving to have a pattern similar to the addictive substance addiction, evidence that they activate the same brain areas.

4. Repairing damaged metabolism

As explained above, excessive dieting can cause your metabolism damaged. Likewise, if you consume artificial substance. You can find out if your metabolism is damaged or not with 2 simple steps below:

Step first: measure your body temperature, in the oF, just once you wake up in the morning for 4 days straight
Step second : calculate the average temperature.

You can conclude that your metabolism is damaged or slow down when the body’s average temperature is less than 98.1 oF. That means the speed of your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat go down 20% – 50% of normal speed

To fix it, you need to consume foods that speed up metabolism and do burst exercise

How do I get guidance about living a life with the concept of “fat burning foods” more detailed, structured and based on research that could be accounted for?

Outside there are many websites that explain about fat burning foods , but the explanation from one site to another is sometimes different. And many of them are not supported by the results of independent researches , up to date, can be accounted for and be thorough . We need comprehensive informations and instructions about the ” fat burning foods” are not just talking about protein , fat and carbs. But also discusses subtlety of what you may consume ( macro nutrients , micro nutrient , beverage , seasoning ) and suggested to be avoided are.

As my recommendations , you can learn about my review about a digital product called “The Truth about Fat Burning Foods” by Nick Pineault . I recommend it because the information contained in the product is a compilation by authors who studied for more than 7 years from the current health articles from independent research related to fat burning foods.

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